Introduction of Haptic systems:

Haptic system electronics seminar topic explains about a device provide touch based perception of virtual objects. The research on haptic systems started in 1970’s and various applications are being developed on this concept. The model of haptic system consists of human part and machine part. The human part senses the controls of the position of body parts , while the machine part exerts force to stimulate contact with virtual object.

Haptic system working process:

The human part and machine part are connected with an interface tool.

Haptic information:

With this information only the simulation only the stimulation is provided to virtual objects. It consists of two information’s one is tactile information which provides information from sensors connected to the body, and kinesthetic information acquired from sensors in the joints.

Virtual reality:

In this the user can interact with computer stimulated environment, which is an imaginary world. The virtual reality environments are displayed on computer screen or stereoscopic displays.

Haptic rendering:

This is an algorithm, which computes sensing forces between the haptic representation and virtual environment. In this we find collision detection algorithm and force response algorithm which are used to find responses from virtual object.

Applications of haptic systems:

The haptic system are used in medical field where a surgeon located from any place can perform operation with a virtual robot located at the hospital . it is used for training pilots where a virtual imaginary world is created , where they can feel the experience of flight. These are used in video games.

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