Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Java Project Abstract

Introduction to Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Java Project:

The intruder detection in the wireless sensor network is an  area of interest in many types of network applications which is similar to identify an enemy in a war zone. The intruder detection is the procedure to identify the presence of wrong, inappropriate and inaccurate resting attackers in wireless sensor network. In our model, we prefer hacker detection as per the Heterogeneous WSN models. We proposed two types of Sensing detection models:

1) Single sensing detection

2) Multiple sensing detection. 

 Our simulation work concludes about the benefits of Multiple sensor heterogeneous WSN’s. 

Existing Model of Intruder Detection: Single Sensing Detection can detect only a single intruder at a time in the WSN.

 We had done our previous work which was based on the Homogenous and Heterogeneous single sensor in Wireless sensor network. 

Proposed Model: We are now proposing the Intruder detection under Heterogeneous wireless sensor network where intruder can be identified and clear out anywhere in the network. 




Processor- Pentium IV 2.6 GHz Front End- JAVA
RAM- 512 MB DD RAM Tool Used- JFlame builder
Monitor- 15” Color Operating System- Windows XP
Hard Disk- 20 GB  
CD Drive- LG 52X  
Keyboard- Standard 102 Keys  
Mouse- 3 Buttons  

 Download  Hacker Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Java Project Abstract .

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