GUI Oracle Interface Project Abstract

Introduction to GUI oracle interface project:

GUI oracle interface project abstract explains about a concept of developing a graphical user interface for oracle database through which users can easily operate database operations like adding, deleting and modifying tables using this front end application. Normally while installing oracle database SQL plus tool is installed as a in built tool for accessing database which is not a graphical user interface but which works on command line interface. This method is not user friendly method in which users who are not familiar with database cannot use it. So this application will provide easy front end application for normal user for easy accessing of database.

In existing system manual method like command line operations are used where users need to remember few things and queries for accessing database which is time taking and tough task for fresher. In proposed system graphical user interface is provided for user to easily access database with minimum knowledge.

For more information on this topic students can download project report from below link.

Download GUI oracle interface project abstract from this link.

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