Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project:

This final year assignment aims to expose students in higher education and technical studies the thoughts & logical processes that need to be urbanized to ensure the student can translate their work into something existing.

This is generally done by the creation of a design or a thought in the field of hardware and software. Also past products are studied to expose their deficiencies and an loom is in use to suggest a resolution which solves the problem.

A safety system encompasses an open standing interruption detector. The sight or has designed sensing element to detect and transmit an intrusion aware of customers.

For the fulfillment of our bachelor degree of engineering in telecommunication stream we select a project. The name of the project is GSM Based Home Security System.

At a time when home security is paramount, automated safety methods are a functional value addition to the modern home.

Vision based security systems can be easily installed, affordable & non- obtrusive. This system aims to detect home intrusion through the use of infrared sensors.

A security system has a open standing intrusion detector. The detector has an in built sensor to detect and broadcast an intrusion alert to customers.


We would also like to extend our thanks to our H.O.D, Col. R.K. Kapur for his undying faith in us and making us believe in ourselves.

His guidance has been the reason we could complete this project. We are very thankful to all of them.

Download  GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project for Final Year Students with project Report.