Government Scheme Management System Project Using Asp.Net

Government Scheme Management System projects main idea is to implement a software application for helping citizens to utilize and apply for schemes through an online application.

This application will be installed in each panchayat all over the country, using this system people can check details of each scheme and apply for a scheme which is suitable for them using online application form. 

Using existing system there is a gap between citizens and officials and government schemes. There are a lot of schemes which are introduced by the government but they are not used effectively by citizens.

In order to solve this problem, we are introducing an online system which will make work simpler and efficient.

Citizens need to apply for the scheme through online which the help of government officials. Application processing information will be updated on this application. This system will save time for citizens and government.

This application is implemented in four modules. For detailed information about the government scheme management system project, you can download project report.

download Government Scheme Management Project Report.

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