Global Hireling Recompense Project Proposal


The aim of this Global Hireling Recompense project to create a global hireling recompenses system to provide a structured method of submitting and managing recompense queries. 


  1. Employee Management.
  2. Employee Designation Management.
  3. Allowances and Advances Management.
  4. Deduction and Payment Management.
  5. Performance  Management
  6. Payroll Management.
  7. Security.
  8. Reports.


Employee Management

                  The employee is a part of an organization that is he may be exist within designation name, with minimum salary range, maximum salary range and extra information about designation under different department  which contain department name, department location, department  in charge, department description details, maintain employee profile i.e. , employee name, date of birth, date of join ,first salary fixed, qualification details that contain  qualification name, qualified year, aggregate, specialization of area ,special remark, employee current working department ,manager name, current ,marital status, employee address  ,contact details ,  who can do some task within the company. This employee plays some role in organization we are considering his profile details like address, contact, salary, etc.

Employee Designation Management

When a client get appointment order with current existing designation ,he may improve his career in company by skill so he have chance to get promotion with higher designations .These designation  varies  is throughout career with in company. These history is maintained by administrator which contain designation allocated date, designation end date, designation salary fixed amount, remarks on previous designation, designation active state.

Allowances and Advances Management

        Company administration is willing to maintain entire an employees salary history. If an employee is willing to get allowances like house, transport, medical, education, transfer, deputation, maternity, research, festival, etc,….include allowances type  description and may get  advances types  like festival, vehicle loans, medical bills, houses maintenances, foreign tour ,advances type, advance minimum amount ,advance maximum  value, advanced commenced date ,advanced end date, number of installments and  some amounts are provides to employee .These allowances and advances  are impacts to employee salary.

Deduction and Payment Management

     Company willing to give allowances and advances to motivate employee to get good performance and quality work from employee. Simultaneously  organization   deduct amount from the salary like income tax, educational tax, service taxes and professional taxes, insurance tax and educational tax etc which is applicable includes deduction minimum amount, deduction  maximum  amount ,deduction commenced date, deduction end date and  deduction active state ..Finally he gets monthly pay sheet report. 

Performance Management

The administrator can also give additional pay depending on employee  performance which includes performance parameter name that  is within target, up to the target, qualitative, qualitative  and  reusable ,performance appraisal minimum amount, performance appraisal maximum amount ,performance  commence date ,performance end date, performance end date ,performance active state, performance date, performance  percent  ,performance appraisal employee name, performance appraisal salary amount if any  

Payroll Management

                    This module manages these details which impacts his payroll    sheet managing like basic pay fixed, pay fixed date, pay fixed end date, pay fixed active state, total deduction amount, total advances, total allowances gross salary, net salary, advanced repayment, employee payroll date, pay sheet enquire question, pay sheet enquiry question details, pay sheet generated date time, pay sheet check status, employee performance details, pay sheet report PDF link.


                     This System provides good security with different kind of accessing levels.


             1. Weekly   Report.

             2. General   Report.

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