Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project in Java

Main aim of Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project in Java  is to design a effective method for calculating packet loss in the communication network. In existing systems there are many losses which are not calculated accurately using new algorithms designed in java can solve this problem. Here we explain a over view of
screen shots and working.

Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project


     This is the final screen shot for the Result which consists of Loss (Poisson), Loss (Badabing), Transfer time, Total Packet Size, Transfer Time and a button. We can have Loss characteristics using both the tools (Badabing and Poisson).

Browsing a File


     This is the scren shot for sending a file to the receiver.First here we browse the file for our choice and send to the receiver.

Watch this video to understand about this project

Sending a File:


     In this Screen we send the information to the receiver by using the send Button. The browsed file information is displayed in the text field and the file information is placed in the text area.After the browsing of the file the whole data is converted into the packets and send it to the queue.

Information in the Queue:


     Here we can observe the data that was send by the sender is stored in the Queue.The lost data is present in this queue and the data whis was not lost is send to the receiver.

Info in the Receiver:


     This is the screen shot in which the data is received by the Receiver without any packet loss. We can have the information of the lost packets by pressing the result button.

Final Result


     Here the actual result was displayed. The loss characteristics by using the Poisson and the Bedaubing are calculated and by this we can observe that the characteristics calculated by using the Badabing were more accurate than the Poisson. And also we have the Transfer Rate, Transfer Time and the Total Packet Size.

Download Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project in Java Source Code, Project report, Documentation, PPT.

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