Genpact should be able to find leadership skills in managers

Need of Leaders for way forward

A well-defined, well-coordinated and dedicated leadership team is essential for the smooth functioning of operations for any organization. The success of an organization depends on the attitude of which the employees are led i.e by efficient leaders who possess the skill set to stay poised at the time of emergency and act instantly. It will directly motivate the employees to work better and function better. Thus, enabling everyone to deliver results on time and in return keep the work progressing letting the organization to grow to create more opportunities. A company will grow if the employee grows which is linked to their performance and attitude they display along with the urge to learn and develop themselves for higher positions.

A problem regarding the lack of leadership:

For any organization or company the success of the company majorly is in the hands of the manager who leads the whole team. Lack of leadership qualities leads the project to be a failure and loose fame and confidence in performance of the individuals of the team. The manager is not fair in judging the capabilities of the individual performance due to factors like lack of communication, micromanagement, unclear expectations, intimidation and also the poor people skills. Not taking proper feedback from the team members leads to improper decisions which results in the failure when there are projects to deliver and being too friendly may affect the result of the project. There is no motivation from the manager fail to give credit to the employee. When a project was assigned the team members skills should always simplify the project for that recruitment process was hurried which resulted in failure of the project.

Company Profile:

Genpact is the information technology service company which began in 1997 and was one of the business unit in general electric. The company efficiently provided services business process services. The company managed services like financial and manufacturing business. The company became independent and started to serve clients outside general electric and worked very efficiently and helped in the growth of the company. The number of employees working in the company has been increased drastically. The company became publicly traded company and Genpact G satnad for generating business impact. It works on both industry solutions and enterprise solutions where in industry solutions deals with automotive, capital markets, energy, insurance, media and entertainment, telecommunications, hospitality and the enterprise solutions deals with aftermarket services, reengineering services, media, digital, analysis and research, human resource services, risk management services and many more. The company is mainly working on lean digital and its impacts in present business in all aspects.

Action defined

To tackle the problem. It should first be thoroughly assessed on whether the problem is lying in the manger because of the many team members or the manager themselves are incompetent. If there are many team members then potential managerial team members should be made managers and the work should be equally divided so that the manager will be able to give enough time to all the members. The managers should be given required trainings to improve their skills of handling a team /projects and people.


By having a good manager, it might be an investment to the company’s requirements and benefits in many ways. A good manager helps in guiding the knowledgeable workforce in a correct path. A well-trained and good manager should have an ability to motivate team members to be able to bring better outcomes. A realistic goal can be set by a well-trained manager, which helps in increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the company. This also enables a good relationship with the clients, which helps in bringing more projects to the company. A good manager can balance the work load by managing the time and making proper use of the available resources. A good manager will act immediately, by taking correct decisions and will be able to handle any type problem. A good manager learns from his failures, rather than being disappointed. The only Downside is to recruit a good manager by paying him with a good salary and also it might take longer time to recruit one.

Results defined

Promoting potential people will inspire people to stay with the company and to grow within. It will motivate employees to work better. Every team member may get more time from the manager thus improving the overall performance and also this will help the team members in learning the other managing skills from the manager for their better future. A good manager can be seen as a role model by the team members. A good manager is one who praises in public and criticizes in private.” Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” A good manager can handle a stressful situation by taking all the responsibilities in successful completion of project.


Genpact should scrutinize eligible managerial candidates from the employee population and necessary training should be given to them to make them feel confident about themselves and about the challenges they would be facing in the future. Training the subordinates will improve employees faith in the organization and would want to stay with the organization and grow within thus positively impacting the performance. “Learning is something that never ends, does not have a finish point and is something never regrettable “.

 Case Study

Amazon Inc founded in 1994, faced a similar issue where in lack of proper leadership team led to them losing a lot of their projects /business. They then analyzed the defaults and trained the eligible employees to take over major responsibilities which brought a rejuvenated spirit in the employees to function better. Alongside, they hired young individuals with similar thought process to mentor the existing employees and together they worked towards improving the overall quality to become one the most leading e- commerce websites today.

 Implementation Plan

Genpacts implementation should begin to analyze the job roles to be filled, and make a list of the number of employees required to work for each job role. The company need to make an analysis of the alignment of the number of managers for the number of employees and which role needs to be downsized so that the desired results could be achieved. If there is a short fall of leaders, the eligible employees should be given needed training, interviewed and promoted to new roles.

Genpact should also post the job ads on the web and encourage the current employees to refer some good candidates who would be a best fit to the required roles.


It is rightly said that the organization which treats their employees well are popular in the market and mostly amongst its customers as they would have a lot of “work of mouth “ advertising will be directly beneficial to the organization. When hiring an employee the organization should assess them and check if they possess the leadership qualities the company runs upon. Time and again providing  extra training to trusted employees on their skill set will further increase their trust in the company and would make their long term plans to stay and grow within the organization thus inspiring themselves and others.