Genius Auto Time Tabling for Exam

Auto Timetable Management System will generate optimized timetable automatically for a university or institute using genetic algorithm based on various constraints like course, staff, room and time.

This focuses on storing & processing course data, student data and produce outputs supporting the operational activities. The timetable output contains staff course information, subject descriptions, course timings, and course room information.

Auto Timetable Management System directly integrates with the university’s student information system, Course management system and Assessments management system to fetch the information about student, course, room and staff from the respective modules.

Auto Timetable Management System also will work as standalone system. Using the configuration settings user can plug in or off the integration part. If Auto Timetable Management System is not integrated, the information about course, room and staff can be key-in to the Auto Timetable Management System application.

Auto Timetable Management System generates timetables for a Department with Multiple programs and for all semesters. Here we are using .NET as frontend and SQL SERVER as database.

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