Generic Database Editor Java Project Report

Introduction to Generic Database Editor Project:

Generic database editor project is implemented in java platform using HTML,CSS and java script for designing web pages. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application through which users can access multiple database from single interface called as generic database editor. In existing system there is no such interface through which databases like MYSQL,MS-ACCESS, oracle  databases can be accessing without logging out from any database. In real time scenario it is a time taking process for programmers to work on different databases and modify details.

This application will provide solution for interact with multiple database and users can also test, build PL/SQL statements, procedures, triggers and functions. Using this application we can modify, delete, view, add, and edit all database objects. This will help in providing efficient way to write scripts and queries.

Generic database editor application will be useful in software industry for programmers who work on multiple databases and even for normal users.

Features of using this application is GUI interface for different databases, flexibility, easy maintenance, easy to import and export data and alter the table structure.

System features is divided based on seven modules structure module, properties module, sql querying module, insert database module, export database module, dml operation module and search operation module.

In this project report we provide detailed explanation on project description, system features and external interface requirements. Students can find more related project reports with source code from this site

Download generic database editor java project report from this link. 

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