General Process of Implementing the Traffic across the Network

Deployment procedure:

                       In order to determine the traffic type to pass across the network, execution of the traffic is the major step required for the simulation process. The general process of implementing the traffic across the network involves selecting of mobile nodes and wireless LAN server that comes under traffic source and traffic objective respectively. The appendix section of this chapter is attached with the screenshots that explains the traffic deployment procedure.

The deployment of traffic is done by following the steps, at first the protocol menu should be selected and then from the application is selected and then from the options deploy is selected and with all these actions a window is popped out for doing the deployment actions needed. Then the swapping of all the mobile nodes is done to the right side from the left side and the server is swapped to the right application from left side and thus these all comes to the TCP profile where the observation of FTP is done.

Once all these steps are done, the apply button is selected for exploring the dependability of deployment. The window contains several options and by using these options the problems can be fixed if any warning is viewed. The execution process is considered as successful when no warning is viewed. The deployment of configuration of mobile nodes is followed by this process. And the project must be saved when once all these settings are done.

This paper is written and submitted by Sujana Priya V.

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