Game Development Technical Paper Presentation for Computer Science Students

Introduction to Game Development Technical Paper Presentation:

The paper is about development of the game. The game is software which is being installed in the computer systems. The goal of the games development involves 100% satisfaction and also entertainment to a maximum extent for the users. By using this game development process the different types of the video games are being produced.

Games are developed based on consoles. Running of the same game is not possible on consoles multi-times. Also it costs high for developing a game. As a result the consumers mostly deal with the existing players which makes new comers life more miserable.

In general the development process by the game developer involves the development done from a single person to large business association. These games are developed for generating profit. The games which are well-made can get enough profit. It is even important for the games developer to estimate the development costs so that they can attain profits more than the investment.

The games which are developed previously used to provide the entertainment to lower extent.   The implementation of the system and also for playing of the system required the mainframe computers. Existing industries provide high supply in fields of research, advertising and manufacturing. The life of the competitors become difficult  to enter into competition without the market share sufficiently.

The process of the game development involves three stages which includes the pre-production, also the production and also the post production. This process of production of game assures a high quality services to user to provide entertainment to maximum extent. Some of the game industries include EA, also UBISOFT and also ZYNGA for producing high quality games.

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