Future Recommendations and Summary of Quantum Cryptography

Future recommendations:

Apart from the work done to develop the quantum key generation for a secure and safe quantum cryptography, there are few points that can be done in future to improve the quality of the application and they are listed in this section.

  • More complex algorithms can be used to create the session key in future and one among is HASH and if this algorithm can be used, more complex key can generated in future that can be hardly braked.
  • A better client server communication mechanism can be implemented in future to establish and server more number of clients with respect to a single or multiple servers.
  • Security can be improved be designing a better trusted center and a more logic implementation can be added at the trusted center.


The actual results achieved by executing the code developed are shown in this chapter. From these results it is clear that a separate user registration process is provided to the users who can act as either sender or receiver and once the registration process is completed, a separate secret is provided to the users. Now the users can send the data in the form of files to the desired destination by entering the corresponding port number.

Trusted center will verify the receiver validity and generate the required quantum keys and the session keys to send the data. Now the receiver should enter the source name and the corresponding secret key to accept the data sent by the sender and the actual process in receiving the data involves many steps and all of them are shown in the appendix section.

This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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