Future Mobile Applications Student Paper

Future mobile applications 

With the evolution of iPhone the complete focus has completely shifted towards the range of mobile applications that were popular these days and the scope for the future mobile applications and the entire mobile world has shifted their focus towards this. It is always a difficult task to estimate the future mobile applications against the rapidly growing technology and the level of competition in the market, but it is always important to have an ample forecast in this context.

With the latest trends in hardware and software aspects, the scope to create new mobile applications in future has increased a lot and there is a lot of research going against these aspects. There are many assumptions in this context and lot of imaginations like a mobile device can be used as a remote control to control the music systems and booking the tickets from the way to home and even there are many assumptions and forwarded research steps in this context.

Even there is lot of scope where the users can control the mouse of a laptop or desktop using their mobile devices and use the same to show the pictures and videos in the mobile devices on a big screen. When it comes for comparing the future hardware and software aspects for creating high end applications across mobile devices, it is the major responsibility of software to take the mobile applications towards the higher ends when compared to hardware as it is known fact that, each and every user holds high end mobile devices in terms of hardware.

It is always required to design the software in a completely different manner when compared to the current scenario such that more number of magic can be created in term of mobile applications and thus also to attract the users in all the aspects. When the case with iPhone is considered they have already made lot of revolutions like the Apps and API that has made the mobile application development very easy and in this context they may come up with lot of new functionalities across their API to created more wonders at the application development level as well.

By observing all these issue it can be easily understood that there is lot of scope in terms of mobile applications and also usage of internet across the mobile applications. Each and every users across the mobile world are eagerly waiting for all the latest trends in mobile applications and smart phones and thus even the researchers are using this aspect as the input and getting encouraged themselves and coming up with lot of software and hardware innovations to create the latest and unbelievable mobile applications. 

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