Future APPS Journey: “Touch, Taste and Smell” Human Senses – What next?

In the series of blogs would like to discuss and introduce various approaches and technologies where human senses, device/s and IT are leveraged. Human Senses are “Sight”, “Hearing”, “Touch”, “Taste” and “Smell”. As Sight and Hearing are more common and quite familiar to all of us, am not discussing the innovation on the same in this post.  In the last decade there has been drastic research on the touch, taste and smell senses of human and how we can extend these to building next generation application and devices for exciting consumer experiences.  We are already seeing sixth sense consumer products able to sense and communicate with a technology infrastructure.

future appsLet me discuss and highlight some of the application which is hard to believe and imaginative, a device “smelly” detects the quality of a certain products just by smell and textures and puts in ratings of measurement which can readily be compared and contrasted with the benchmarking system.  A Body Regulate device which on touch can detect human behavior or parameters which would be used for series of analysis on his behavior. Another example you walk in to an office, swipe your Access Card and you tell the office I have reported, in future the office can detect your arrival and put a tick when you touch a surface or just enter an Attendance Zone ~ like Wifi Zone .

We are discussing Human-metrics where the human behavior or mood can be captured based on emitted form of decibals etc.  Do you believe the same? Thingbook like concept every physical object would be indexed and cataloged, customer would touch and get experiences.

On the world of device computing, we all have heard of a Refrigerator calling a technician with a mobility network, where it has got a intelligent sensing system which can detect the overall functioning of the devices and when it detects the overall output level is below  or above a threshold it gets to various actions such as notification, sms or calling. So next time you will have a technician at your door called by your refrigerator.

In a retail Scenario, walk to a food or beverage store a bodynet application can analyze the patterns of your bodies / calories on food and start recommending you the food.  A practical future scenario would be you walk-in to a restaurant with Trade Mark “Health” and you can analyze the various calories/energies of the food/snack before you have and also calculate the body index and would decide / change your food consumption based on your current health conditions.

The question we put is how useful are these application to “REAL” Business or what are the trust levels or reliability of such application. Nevertheless we have lot of applications build on these areas and quite a lot of them getting used extensively. So we need to remove “NEGATE” feelings and see these innovations and creativity are the way forward.

 The future is to think beyond a PC and bring in relevance to how various devices such as mobile phone, peripheral devices, Consumer Devices will start becoming more interactive.

 1. Human Interfacing and touch are becoming increasingly famous to trigger user experiences which would be next generation application.

2. Building any new system in future will need to just think beyond our classical User Interface, but now start thinking will start an application with my neural network emitting a signal which would trigger an experience of interest on the internet.

3.Creating a Read-Write web with technologies such  as Augmented Reality, the  first apps was when the mobile phone can launch a AR apps on  a trigger and launch a series of functionality in applications such as end user training, understanding complex equipment etc.,

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