Fundamentals of Passive Optical Network CSE PPT Presentation

Introduction to Fundamentals of Passive Optical Network Technical Seminar Topic:

In the existing system the fundamentals of the passive optical networks are the subjects which are related to the variants and the components of the desired system. This passive optical elements are of the fundamental networks are related to the passive optical networks. This include the splitter and the coupler etc… this device is the form which belongs to the FTTC and the FTTH. It has the content of the physiological starts and this physiological starts are the logical buses that are in the hardware of the designed system. This device can also transmit signals while in the execution time of the process.

The new features of the desired system are this device is completely self handling, it has also the multitasking techniques of the accessing applications, it has the propagation of the process and its delay timing durations. The main feature of the device is the Optical leveling of the power stream.

The multiple access of technique of the device has the sub types also called as the TDMA called as the Time Division Multiple Accesses, WDMA  called as the Wavelength Division multiple accesses, SCMA called as the Sub-carrier Division Multiple Accesses and lastly the CDMA called as the Code Division Multiple Accesses.

Optical networks have some of the sub types like the OLT called as the Optical Line Terminator which has the functions and also the related to the distribution of the networks and the MAC protocols. Next is the ODN called as the Optical Distribution Network which has one or more than one ways of the OLT and the other types too. PON also has the other related applications like the BPON called as the Broadband PON which requires the two types of signals and their protocols.  Others are the APON, the GPON, the EPON etc which are the related applications of the existing system the  passive optical networks.

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