Functional Requirements of Network Security MSc Java Chat System Project

Functional Requirements


The network messages which are exchanged between two end points should be encrypted at the source and messages should be decrypted at destination. 

This secure chat application must use one of the symmetric key algorithms such as AES, DES, RC4, Triple DES, IDEA etc.


Chat application should provide authentication for the messages which are exchanged between two end points.  Chat application should achieve this functionality with the help of certificates.  


Chat application should verify integrity of the network message which are exchanged between end points using MD5 or SHA algorithms. Md5 or SHA algorithm has to perform on network message at the source to generate check sum and to append this check sum to network message at the source end and it should transmit to the destination.  At destination side chat application should again calculate check sum on network message using MD5 or SHA algorithm and compare with the check sum appended to network message.

Exchange messages using TLSv1 protocol

Chat application should generate network TLSv1 protocol network messages.  This is standard protocol for secure communication. 

Users should communicate messages using user interface.

Chat application should provide GUI chat windows for users in order to communicate securely.

This Project Paper is written & submitted by Deepak V.

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