Full Seminar Report on Face Recognition Technology for Final Year CSE Students

Introduction to Face Recognition Technology Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about “Face recognition” technology which helps to secure applications. In today’s networked world, there is a severe need of providing security to both information and physical properties.  Even though there are many existing technologies which provide security but still it have its own drawbacks.

As it is difficult to forge using biometrics there is a need to have another alternative for providing security to the applications and human.  Usually people identify others by their face and voice, so people feels more comfort with systems that use face and voice recognition. As face recognition is people’s primary method of person identification there is a major focus of research carrying out on this technology because of its non-invasive nature.


Geometric approach and pictorial approach are the two approaches of face recognition technology. Geometric approach focuses on the main geometrical features of the face also focuses on geometrical distances and angles between the features. Pictorial approach mainly focuses on the templates of the major facial features.  This technology has a strong relation with the science of neural networks.

There is no need for a user to freeze in order to get captured by this technology. Face recognition is technique of detecting faces and search for an exact match through a dataset whereas face detection is a technique of searching for any matches and stops the search after found. But it is difficult to maintain large databases with plenty of data in this face recognition technique. Many aspects need to consider in the researches of this technology like biology, psychology, physics and computer science.


Now-a-days, applications developed by face recognition technology are more reliable, non-intrusive and highly accurate. Face recognition technology is one of the most challenging recognition technologies. This paper discussed about the face recognition framework and the factors which affect the recognizer performance. 

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