From A to B (Apple To Beyond) – The Mobile Apps Generation Project

Aim: To evaluate the development in mobile applications generations with respect to Apple Company and beyond technologies developed 


  • To critically review the mobile application generation history and different technologies introduced with respect to this
  • To review the key successful factors that made Apple as the market leader with respect to mobile applications
  •  To evaluate the performance of Apple with comparison to the key competitors in terms of Operating system and software applications introduced
  •  To evaluate the statistics in terms of the successful and unsuccessful implementations of the mobile application introduced by Apple in comparison with the competitors
  •  To compare the key success and failure factors of Apple with the competitors in terms of mobile application generation and draw the required conclusion and evaluate the future work. 

Research design 

Case study approach can be considered as best method of collecting the primary information to proceed with the required research on the problem considered. Logical and depth analysis of a problem can be done using the case study approach and case study process can be considered as the best way of collecting the information in a qualitative method of research.

Direct communication to the problem and corresponding solutions can be fetched easily using the case study approach of research method. Additional information gathered from different researches done previously can be easily applied on the problem considered at the case study stage and the researches can add their own understandings to the primary information collected using the case study considered.

Once the required case study is finalized, now the researcher can gather the accurate and genuine information directly with the help of personal interviews, semi structured interviews through some questioners and interpret the opinion of different participants involved in the interview process. Economic and few ethical feasibility constraints should be considered in prior to selecting the required case study.

To proceed with this research Apple is considered as the case study and the required source of information is gathered using the secondary source of information. Secondary source of information is gathered from sources like websites, mobile technology articles, journals and academic publications. All the required information against the aims and objectives of this research is gathered from these resources and the corresponding information is evaluated and reviewed to understand the successful factors that made Apple a successful mobile technology leader in the market. Different mobile technologies implemented across the Apple are reviewed using the secondary information and the comparison is done against the beyond technologies implemented after the era of Apple.

Ethical issues


I won’t copy the material from different sources and make sure all the work presented in the project is of my own and will provide proper references in case, if I take the work from any other sources.

Human Involvement

As the information gathered for this research is only from the secondary sources, there is no human involvement in this project.

Resource requirement

  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Access to ACM digital library
  • Websites and published content

Project Plan

Task Start date


End date


Project Introduction


    2 weeks


Literature Review


    3 weeks


Research methodology


    2 weeks


Research findings and analysis


    4 weeks


Conclusion and future work


    1 weeks
Final thesis preparation


    2 weeks

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