Ford Motors Specific Strategies using Information Systems

This IJCA (2011) report includes different author opinions on marketing strategies that can be used to sale cars in the market. Ford Motors Company is taken as example within this article that clearly explains the background and history of Ford Motors. According to this article, Ford Motors is one of the famous auto companies in Indian market, which is giving tough competition to many other companies in the marketplace.

The information on types of Ford cars is explained clearly along with the information on car marketing strategies. Marketing plans and marketing strategies are same for all the companies but the difference takes place in the implementation process. According to the author’s information marketing strategies can be widely used in national and international markets in order to satisfy the customer wants and needs and to get competitive advantages among the competitors.

Future work should be carried out to this article in order to explain the appropriate car marketing strategies. Automobile sector is the significant topic in the research process.

This article is related to one of the automobile company related to Indian automobile industry that clearly explains the marketing strategies to be followed by the companies in order to improve their sales. For this reason this article information is used in the research process

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