Football Game Scheduler Project in Asp.Net

Football Game Scheduler Project in Asp.Net application is developed in programming language. This project aims to develop a web-based football match scheduler. Using this software application matches are perfectly planned considering various issues that are faced at the time of tournament. There are many features like adding extra day , analyzing results and scheduling matches based on winning teams and point calculation. 

Organization of a football (or other) tournament is not easy. There are a number of teams, which must all play against each other at a time when it is convenient for both teams and when the football pitch is free. Often, there are last minute problems (e.g. bad weather conditions), which lead to a change of schedule. 

This project is a just an idea for computer science final year students to develop project as final year project or mini project.

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  1. sir can u please send me the documentation with synopsis n source code on my email id ?? it’s urgent n very important. Please send it ASAP

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