Flexible Rollback Recovery in Dynamic Heterogeneous Grid Computing Project Source Code

Introduction to Flexible Rollback Recovery in Dynamic Heterogeneous Grid Computing Project:

Flexible rollback recovery in dynamic heterogeneous grid computing project is implemented in java platform using MYSQL as back end database. Main aim of this flexible roll back recovery project is to implement two effective mechanisms called theft induced check pointing and systematic event logging protocols. Main functionality of this protocols is to solve network problems like packet crashes in network, reduce problems in reliability and increase  efficiency in packet transmission in wireless networks. In existing wireless networks which work on grid and cluster are not reliable. Main reason for this problem is node failure and requirement of dynamic configuration over extensive runtime.

In this project we mainly deal with above mentioned protocols which work on data flow graphs, which will provide best recovery method in heterogeneous systems and multithreaded applications. In this method we can recover data even under different number of processors.

In present scenario GRID and cluster architecture is playing important role in developing parallel applications. Because of computational nodes, high storage, inter connectivity between networks and other factors maintaining reliability in these networks is a challenging task.

This project is developed in four modules login registration module, node analysis module, and node selection module and transmitting data.

Login/Registration module:

Main functionality of this module is to provide authentication mechanism for user for accessing different modules on the project. User is provided with unique username and password through this module.

Node Analysis:

There will be a cluster of node analyzing which is efficient node

Node Selection:

Using this module use can select node from the cluster.

Transmitting Data:

 Using this module we can transmit data by selecting user specified node.

Here we provide flexible roll back full project report, database, database tables, video file, and entire project source code for free download.

Download Flexible rollback recovery in dynamic heterogeneous grid computing project java project from this link.

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