Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking Documentation

Introduction to Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking Documentation:

The main aim of this project is to developing ip trace back system. This is implemented by using java development kit. This is also known as flexible deterministic packet marketing (FDPM). The source of ip packets are determined quickly and easy to trace out than the other mechanisms. This process is done by having small number of packets. Due to built in overload mechanism makes this achieving the required trace back.

Existing System:

                     The attack graph contracted by ppm algorithm would be wrong if termination condition is false.


  • Packet Travel path can be determined
  • Packet can be loss or it may be duplicated
  • Chance of losing original packet

Proposed System:

                      In This process termination is determined correctly and also enhances the reliability of ppm algorithm. The Best feature in this algorithm in this process is when the algorithm is terminated it guarantees correctness of attack graph.


  • Various probabilities are marked are marked by routers of the attack packet
  • Packet loss and duplication can be avoided
  • Packet path can be determined
  • Network traffic is reduced

Download  Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking Documentation.

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