Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer .Net Project

Scope of the Project:

This Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer application web database explorer aims to increase the scope of database administration by building the remote administration tool to interact with sql server located over the web. The main scope of the project is to build a website that gives access to the Microsoft sql server over a web. So that, the user can perform all type of operations such as creating the tables, retrieving and updating the database tables, deleting the rows and modifying the tables etc.

Brief Description of the Project:

Administrators are typically among the people most highly trained in solving the database issues at a side , the improvements in normal sql explorer allows valuable resource to spend more time working on database design and application data access issues.

The scope of database administration of such complex task is still limited to the desktop over a LAN network where the server is installed in a single system, which acts as a server, and the other systems as client work under the client environment to interact with the sql server.

The client systems which are connected to server over a LAN network can access the Microsoft sql server and database tables by using the username and password provided by the administrator, which is already exists. But now, we are developing a web application which access to Microsoft sql server over a web. The user can access this web application from anywhere from any remote location whatsoever at the same time maintaining the security aspects.

In order to overcome the problem of installing the Microsoft SQL software in every user system and to reduce the repetitive work of the database administrator, our project provides a Web address to access the Microsoft SQL server by all the web users. And we provide a username and password to the user to access the server with security over the web.

Features of this project are:

  • Reduces the repetitive work performed by the database administrators.
  • Improves the normal SQL explorer.
  • Maintains security for SQL server similar to enterprise manager.
  • No need of installation of the SQL software in every user system.
  • Reduces the time for access.
  • Enhances security.
  • Can be extended to other software making it a remote freeware.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net framework.
  • Microsoft ASP.Net .
  • Microsoft C#.Net language.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Flex Builder
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Class Diagram
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram for Entered or Selected Text
Sequence Diagram for Entered or Selected Text
Use case Diagrams
Use case Diagrams

Modules Description of the Project

Databases Access Module:
In this module user can access the database by giving credentials like username, password and database name to which database he wants to connect. Once we connect to the database then we can able to manipulate tables, views and stored procedures. And we can execute the select commands with the query parser.
Object Browser: After validation user can view all the tables, views and stored procedures in the accessed database.

Tabbed Query Windows:  Application provides tabbed query windows to execute the commands with the query parser. User can open several query windows and execute the queries.  User can execute the queries like selecting, updating, altering stored procedures etc,.

Query Result Windows: After execution of a query result will be displayed in result window, any messages displayed in messages window and any history related to that query will be displayed in history window.

Syntax Highlighting: Syntax will be highlighted while writing query in query window.

Table Operations: User can insert new values into table and modify the table structure. Insert and modify user interfaces will be provided to user like we have it in enterprise manager.

Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer Home Page Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer Query Page Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer Query Page1 Flex Based Web Ms Sql Explorer Query Page2


Presently this project works only for Sql Server database only, in future this project can be implemented for other databases also.
As a future enhancement we are planning to implement this project not only for database administrators but also for other users like employees in organization

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