Fine Crop Banking System Project in Asp.Net

Fine Crop is a banking system project developed in programming language using sql server database.  This application is a web based application developed for banks with restricted features. This application provides solution for banks as a medium between banks and customers. Banking management system project is applicable for only saving accounts.

Fine Crop Banking System Project Project Introduction:

         With the introduction of new technologies it has become easy to develop web applications to reduce manual work and increase efficiency in the work. With this technology banking sector has increased its customers and provides best service using web.

          Fine Crop application is a simple application with specific features like viewing account information, creating new accounts, deposits and withdraws, transfers money from one account to other account, generate reports.

Fine Crop Forms Explanation:

Main form consists of options like master, manage, cheque book status, fund deposit status, fund with drawl status and customer accounts.

Account Status Form:  This form consists of account status description, Account status abbreviations, and other details.

Account Type:  This form is usefulfor updating type of account. This form consists of account status,    account name, Account abbreviation, Minimum balance, maximum balance, other details.

Employee Details: This form is used to update employee details working in bank. This form consist of Employee Name,             Address, Date of birth, date of joining, branch name.

Service Type: This form is used to update type of account. This form consists of service description, abbreviation, other details, service start date, service initial rates.

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