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Final Year Projects For Ece Students

May 11, 2012

List of final year projects for ece students: 

Here we provide latest final year projects for ece students for free download. electronics students can download 2011 related projects documentation and reference material. Students can find seminar topics , paper presentations on latest topics and projects on embedded systems, and micro controller.

                   submit final year projects for ece students to us.

Links to download final year projects for ece students: 

  1. Two Level Cascaded Inverter with Elimination of Low Frequency Harmonics Using Micro Controller
  2. Content-Based Search and Retrieval of Files in peer to peer Networks Project source code
  3. Query processing in peer to peer network project source code
  4. Student information maintenance system project source code
  5. Three party authentication using quantum key distribution protocols project source code
  6. Optimal Residential Load Control with Price Prediction in Real-Time Electricity Pricing Environments
  7. Patient Monitoring Using Gsm And Zigbee For Hospitals And Old Age Homes project report
  8. Artificial Neural Network Applied Economic Generation Scheduling
download more related final year projects for ece students.

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  1. sudheer wrote:

    we want to Develop a robotic anchoring system for underwater
    vehicle under water current

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