Final Year Project Testing Phase Strategies

Testing Strategies

               Periodical test were conduct during the design and implementation phases of development. Test Phase Strategies were conducted as per test plans, which were scheduled according to the project development plan. A detailed Final Year Project Report on various tests conducted and the phase in which they were conduct is given below. A bottom-up testing methodology was adopted to test the system developed. A bottom-up test strategy starts with the fundamental components and works upwards.   

Unit Testing

              Unit testing was used to test individual units in the system and ensure that they operate correctly. Alternate logic analysis and screen validation were tested in this phase to ensure optimum efficiency in the system. The procedures and functions used and their association with data were tested.

Module Testing 

             Module testing was used to ensure that the dependable components in a module work in coordination with another. Function testing, performance testing and stress test were conduct on modules independently to ensure robustness in the system developed. The various forms, their validations, relationships between forms, tables and the data flows between components in a module were analyzed and tested. The procedures and functions common to a module were also tested during module testing.    

Module Testing

              Sub-system testing also known as integration testing was used to ensure that the modules are available for integration with one another to form the final integrated system. Interface testing was conducted to ensure that the module could work in harmony with one another. The relationship between the modules and the data they share were tested.

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