Final Year CSE Project Idea on Subscription Management for a Magazine Publishing House

Introduction to Subscription Management for a Magazine Publishing House Project:

The motivation behind this record is to make the subscription and produce the Billing and Manage the Sales Force and Dealers. The name that is given to the framework is Subscription Management for a Magazine Publishing House necessities are specified in this record, incorporating the add/edit/delete the Subscriber and in addition Bulk Subscriber and Renewal Subscription and Generate Payment Reminders for the subscription.

This programming is raised utilizing the necessities of the Publishing folks and which is utilized for inner reason. The profits of this framework are essentially for the interior users portrayed beneath.

(1) Create the Products and Tariffs identified with contrasting magazine. This incorporates the Magazine Name, Cost and so forth…

(2) Manage Subscribers and in addition Bulk Subscribers Adding/Editing/Deleting the Subscriber/Bulk Subscriber

(3) Manage the Subscription

            (a) Creating a Subscription for a Registered Subscriber / Bulk Subscriber

            (b) Provide the Renewal of Subscription for the Subscriber / Bulk Subscriber

© Cancellation of subscription will immediate to pick an additional arrangement. There can be no discount of the remaining cash for scratch-off of subscription.

(4) Capturing the Payment portions for contrasting modes of installment. Unexpected installment modes are Cash, Cheque, and Credit Card

(5) After the bill installment for a subscription, if the subscriber preferred to update the arrangement or dialect and             adjustment of the cash remaining in the subscription to the brand new idea.

(6) Manage the Sales Executives. This incorporates Track actions of Sales executives and computes the Incentives for Sales Executives

(7) Capture dealer indent (Number of duplicates a dealer needs for the issue) and Calculate Commissions for Dealers 

(8) Provide Queries/Reports

              (a) Generate installment leftovers for the subscriptions which are reaching a closure. It is pending installments from dealers.

              (b) Based on the informative content from subscribers, Bulk Subscribers, Dealers and Sales         Executives, the check         for number of duplicates to be printed is computed

© Query on monthly deals dependent upon volume and product (rejecting reverted magazines).

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