File Splitter Project Abstract

Introduction to File Sp-litter Project:

File splitter project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application which can provide security for data by encrypting before sending information and also send large sized data without any problem by splitting files in to multiple files. In our daily life we come across a situation where we need to send large sized files without any loss of data and hacking of data in network. But we can’t send large sized data at a time through mail. In order to solve this problem we are implementing a file splitter which will divide large files in to small sized files and encrypt each file and then send data. In order to decrypt data at receiver side we use decryption key and same software is used to attach each single file in to large file without any loss of data.

For more information on this topic students can download project abstract from below download link.

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Download File Splitter Project Abstract from this link.

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