File Splitter .Net Project Report

Introduction to File Splitter .Net Project:

The main aim of this project is to develop a file splitter. This developed using Visual c#, Java Development Kit. File splitter is used to split the large files into smaller parts which help in transferring the files over internet. The data may video audio or anything. The splatted data has information about the remaining files and they are joined as single file after transferring the data. These data can be protected by a security lock.

Tasks of file splitter:

  • It reads the actual size and find it size
  • New files were created depending on the target size and splits as needed
  • It creates memory for new files based on their size
  • The splitted files are stored on disk
  • Split size 1.4MB
  • Split size 650MB
  • Split based on user choice

Techniques in splitting:

Split size 1.4MB:

      In this technique the data that is to be transferred is splitted into a size of floppy disk size that is 1.4MB. For Example a 4.8MB file has to transfer it is splitted into three equal size of 1.4MB and it is transferred to destination and all files are rejoined as 4.8MB. But this method is suitable for small data not for larger data such as gigabytes.

Split size 650MB:

     In this technique the data is splitted into a size of cd that is 650MB. This method is suitable for Gigabytes larger data can be easily transferred over internet. After that the files can be rejoined on destination side

Split Based on User Choice:

    Based on the user choice the data is splitted as per user requirement. It is most commonly used technique. Because user can specify his choice and based on his estimation the data is splitted and it is transferred over the internet to the destination and rejoined as source file.

Download  File Splitter .Net Project Report.

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