File Handling PPT Presentation in Java

Introduction to File Handling PPT Presentation:

A file handling is a process which is capable of storing the data information forever. This data can be files like documents; the data that is required to execute the programs etc… but the main non benefit of this file handling is that if any user wants to proceed the data again and again then that user needs to enter the file system again and again to process the file or the documents.

The solution for this can be that the data can be forever saved and can be read direct. This permanent storage is called the File or File handling. This file handling takes two attributes for code executions. The mode in which the user wants to save the file and all it should be in string types.

There are two types of file mainly the Sequential File and Random access File. In sequential file the data is stored and saved lastingly. If any user wants to read the data of the sequential file then that user needs to read all the records before the one her wants to read. In Random access file data can be updated and modified when a user wants too. Here if a user wants to read the last file then that user can directly jump to that document instead of reading the first documents.

Here a file handling can be shortly defined as the combination of data structure and the pointer. These files are included in the header files of the programming languages. These files can be saved by using a .DOC extension also.

The operations of the file system is the Read mode(r) which is used to read the content inside the file, Write mode(w) which is used to write the data in the files and documents, append mode(a), Read+ , Write+ and append+ are some of the other operations of the file handling.

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