Feedback Analysis of Interviews Java Project

In this Feedback Analysis of Interviews Java Project  we are going to implement the student interview process and his/her experience can share by the my project. Here senior’s students will attend the campus interview for different companies. In that all student may not be selected and some may be selected.

Weather the student will select are not but he can express his experience with his/her juniors students by using my project. The student can post different companies asked question like technical and hr questions which very helpful to his/her juniors.

Software Requirements:   HTML, Javascript, JSP, CSS

The main purpose of Feedback Analysis of Interviews functional requirements within the requirement specification document is to define all the activities or operations that take place in the system.

These are derived through interactions with the users of the system. Since the Requirements Specification is a comprehensive document & contains a lot of data, it has been broken down into different Chapters in this report.

  1. Senior student should be registered with their hall ticket number and able to post the experience in our web site.
  2. the junior student can view the particular companies asked questions and answers posted by his seniors.
  3. if the experience of interview posted by anyone to see his/her details the student must b e login.

The system should be web-based system. Users should use the system via internet. Each user should have a user account. The system should ask the username and password to users.

  • 24 X 7 availability
  • Better component design to get better performance at peak time
  • Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension

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  1. I need dummy screens for each module and how the system can find difference between student,teacher and admin when they are registering for first time.

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