Introduction to Fee Management System Project:

The main of this system is to develop fee management system by using c language. This system mainly reduces the work task and it is easy to maintain the records for a long time than normal hand written records. The user can check his record details by just entering his name no need to search all the record. With the help of this system fee calculations can be done very easily by this system. So the maintenance and management of fee became very easy.

Proposed System:

                          In this new fee management system the difference between old fee system and new fee system is shown. The new system can overcome the old fee system by adding some additional features likeit is totally computerized and data can be easily maintained in database for a long time

Problem Statement:

The aim of problem statement was to design a model

  • The model must be user-friendly
  • It should not allow viewing others data
  • The data privileges should be easily viewed
  • By all this features the admin can handle data easily

Functions to Be Provided:

  •  The user interface should be completely menu driven and user-friendly
  •  The user should not find any difficulties in options field
  •  Faster response should be present
  •  It should also provide view, add, delete features for better fee management system 


From this system we can conclude that it provides better fee management system and also lot of convince than the old system. This process is very fast data can be easily entered lot of time is also saved. It is very easy to understand and this program can be used anywhere based on requirement.

Download  Fee Management System Project Documentation.