Features of Distributed System

 There are number of features that make the distributed systems unique and the most common among them are, these systems have their own local memory and also the entities communicate with each other using a message passing mechanism. Apart from the distributed usage of the individual computers across the distributed systems, these computers also have personal users, where they can use these computers for personal use as well.

Few resources like the processor, memory and data are also shared across the computers of the distributed systems to achieve a common task across the distributing computing process . There are few excellent feature across the distribute systems and they are as listed below. 

  • Distributed systems has default fault tolerant features that can be used to identify and detect the common failures and faults across the network
  • Topology and structure of the distributed systems is not fixed and not know in prior, where there is lot of scope for the changes in the structure
  • An individual computer across the distributed systems have only a limited access to the other computers of the distributed systems and has few knowledge of the complete problem they are set to solve .
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