Features of different Mobile Phones

Features of different mobiles 

Apple iPhone 

Camera: High resolution with 8mp

Graphics: Dual core A5 chip, it is used for better resolution of graphics and fast processing 

Video recording: Fast and 1080 pxl high definition clarity, and also it is used for better recording even the unstable videos 

Operating system: iOS, it is the most advanced and fast. It is also easy to use with rich navigation for the users 

Cloud and data storage: iCloud is the excellent feature with iPhone and it is used to store the user data and access whenever needed 

Resolution:  Retina display is the best feature with iPhone where a high resolution is provided 

Video call: Face time is the best feature with iPhone and it is very easy to make a video call like the normal call 

Games: Airplay is the best feature with iPhone where the games can be connected to normal TV using apple TV. 

Data download speed: Apple iPhone has a maximum download speed up to the range of 14.4 Mbps 

Built in apps: There are more built in apps with iPhone when compared to other smart phones 

Other phones: Nokia, Sony Ericson and HTC 

User opinions towards these features 

Camera: Camera should be minimum 6 mp and also easy to use 

Graphics: They need a processor which can load the graphics quickly 

Video recording: They need a high resolution video recording and high definition output 

Operating system: Os should be very fast and user friendly 

Cloud and data storage: Users should have more space for cloud storage 

Resolution: A clear resolution with more pixels 

Video call : video call should be fast and easy to make 

Games: They need high quality games and also big screen to play 

Data download speed: This speed should be minimum of 12 Mbps without interruption 

Built in apps: users need more built in apps rather than downloading them from net

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