Fault Monitoring System in the Dynamic Distributed System

A perfect fault monitoring system is required in the dynamic distributed system because as already discussed previously there are many chances for the occurrence of several faults and problems and so these faults must be monitored by the fault monitoring system.

The literature part of this document covers different fault tolerant techniques and these techniques uses few agents for handling the faults in the dynamic distributed systems, and the agents used will gather the updates and the statistics of the distributed systems and these updates and statistics are considered as the inputs by the fault tolerant techniques and even the decision regarding the real plan of action is also taken depending on the inputs gathered by these agents.

The range of application that is involved in the distributed system is the basis for the working mechanism of the agents and these are agents are called as mobile agents because of the reason that these are in the wireless sensor networks or mobile networks.

The responsibility of monitoring the network and the network performance in all the circumstances is handled by the mobile agents and the information regarding this is provided to the fault tolerance techniques for making them know about the condition of the system whether it is on track or not and all this is based on the outputs that are expected and the conditions that are already defined.

Generally the nature of the mobile agents is dynamic and asynchronous and also the wide ranges of faults across the distributed systems are handled by these agents. These agents also take the responsibility of adding the resources and removing the resources in a network.

Paper Submitted & Written by Sathish Nagarajan

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