Fault Detection Module for a Distributed Network

As the main aim of this project is to evaluate a mobile agent based fault tolerance system for a distributed network, a fault detection module is introduced in this context.  To detect the faults, few of them are introduced programmatically and then this module is initiated to detect the corresponding faults.  Following faults are introduced in this application and the detailed explanation to them is as given below.

Fail the link

Links between the clients and the servers are failed in this context and this can be achieved by the users by choosing the desired link between the desired server and the clients. A separate button is provided to the users with respect to this and when the user clicks on this link, users are provided a list to choose the desired link to be failed and once the user selects the desired link, then the corresponding link is set to Off and this is reflected in the link status module as well and is update in the link status table as well. A separate Failures table is also maintained and the corresponding details of these failures are maintained at the table. For example for the link failures, the details like the actual nodes between the link and the time when the failure was occurred is maintained in this table.

Distributed network failures

When the users choose this option, distributed network module does not work anymore and clients or server can’t choose the alternative server or client to process the requests. Once this option is selected the distributed network option is set to Off and users has no more option to use this distributed network option and the corresponding details are set to the failure database.

To make the concept simple, only two types of failures are introduced in this project and if the users want to detect the failures, a separate button is provided and if the user clicks on the button all the failure details are displayed to the users and these details are fetched from the failure database.

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