Face Recognition Technology B.tech Seminar Topic for Computer Science Students

Introduction to Face Recognition Technology Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about one of the unique secured technologies, face recognition technology. This technology secures the information by authenticate the user based on the face. This is much secured when compared to any other traditional technologies except in the twins’ case.

Because face is unique identification for any user but this statement is not acceptable for an identical twins.  This technology is non-transferable. In this technology, the system takes the features of a face, stores in database, takes the user’s face features and tries to search and map the same with the existing face features from the central or local database.


Previously actions are takes place on paper or face-to-face but slowly things are changed and most of the actions performed electronically.  This growth in electronics has demanded faster and secure transactions and communications. Fastness depends upon what hardware or what software is being used for that transaction that is the entire performance of the transaction depends on software and hardware infrastructure. Secure transactions can take place only when there is checking for accurate user identification, authorization and authentication.

  Personal Identification Numbers PIN’s were usually used for user identification and security clearances to access bank accounts, to access codes for buildings and to get access to computer systems.  In the case of lost credit and debit cards, there is a possibility for an unauthenticated user to access the account with correct personal codes, which he got from after attempting many probability trails.  This happened because many users usually use easy to remember PIN’s and passwords like they may use their birthdays, phone numbers as security numbers and most of the users gives nicknames as passwords.

So, there is a severe need of having strong unique identification technology for authenticate and authorize the user for accessing systems and financial accounts. Face recognition is a popular evolving technology which helps to easily identify the user for the corresponding accounts.  There and many traditional secure methods like biometrics, finger prints and unique hand-writing recognition for easily identifying the authenticate user. But these methods have their own drawbacks which were faced by this face recognition technology. Even this technology is in vain when consider the identical twins users.

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