Fabrication of Quantum Cascade Laser Project Report

Introduction to Fabrication of Quantum Cascade Laser Project:

Fabrication of quantum cascade laser project is for M.SC students in nanoelectronics and nano mechanics. Main aim of this project is to design a new generation semiconductor laser and fabricate quantum cascade laser and gaining knowledge on semiconductors and nano technology. 

In present electronic devices semiconductors are playing important role, in this project we explain in detail about different principles used in designing cascade laser. Basically semiconductors work on inter band transitions and cascade laser operates on intra band transition of electrons. Type material will not decide the radiation wave length but it is effected by the thickness of layer in hetero structure of material. Better performance is seen in cascade laser due to series of quantum well which is implemented in hetero structure material. This procedure gives high quality and in mid infrared layer. This cascade lasers are used in different applications like gas industries, chemical industries, telecom systems and electronic counter systems, this is possible because of intra band transition property which will provide different range of wave lengths from a same material. 

In this project we use UV photolithography for structuring cascade lasers and we also use different techniques like annealing, positive photo resist, wet etching and metal evaporation. 

While designing this project special care is taken at fabrication stage. Special skills are required for engineers to protect nano device from dust contamination. Dust contamination will reduce performance and output of the laser. 

In this project report we cover details explanation on why QCL, quantum mechanics theories behind quantum cascade laser, fabrication of quantum cascade laser in nanotechnology. 

Here we provide MSC related project reports, paper presentations, seminar topics and projects with source code for free download. 

Download Fabrication of quantum cascade laser project report and paper presentation from this link.

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