Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Full Project Source Code and Report

Introduction to Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Project:

Evaluating the vulnerability of network traffic using joint project is a networking related project which is implemented in java platform. For every wireless communication network systems security and data integrity are the key factors for providing efficient service and reducing risks that are caused form unauthorized users. In existing wireless communication networks security at node level is very poor it is easy to hack cryptographic keys from memories. This type of attacks are normally  seen in wireless  communication systems because of unattended operations of wireless nodes and not implementing tamper resistance related hardware systems inside network. In order to solve node attacks issues in network we propose a class route vulnerability metrics by combine analyzing routing protocols and key assignment protocols. In this project we use GNAVE algorithm for illustrating node capturing attacks and compare results of GNAVE algorithm results with existing node capture strategies. In order to distinguish between existing and proposed performance we test performance using simulators.

This project is developed in five modules network module, key assignment module, adversarial module, route vulnerability module, circuit theoretical model.

Network module: This module works on client server module in which application works on two different hardware client and server. Server is a high configured hardware system which will respond for client’s requests.

Key assignment module: This module functionality is to measure security in wireless network as the function of two protocols routing protocol and key assignment protocol.

Adversarial Module:  This module helps is evaluation traffic related information in a network  and analyze weakly secured connections in a network. Using this module we can mount a node capture attack.

Students can download Evaluation the vulnerability of network traffic using joint entire final year project with bibliography, hardware and software specifications, implementation, screen shots, system design, system study and system testing documents with project source code of each module for free download.

Download  Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Full Project Source Code and Report.

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