Ethernet Technology CSE Seminar Topic Abstract and Report

Introduction to Ethernet Technology CSE Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the major LAN technology, Ethernet technology. This paper also discussed about the various Ethernet physical layers along with link media requirements or limitations.


Ethernet stations communicate each other by sending data packets. Each Ethernet station provided with a 48-bit MAC address which is used to mention the source and destination of each packet. As in Ethernet, point-to-point links connected by switches and these replaced coaxial cables so the installation cost is reduced, increased reliability, management and troubleshooting. Link level connections will define by both the source and destination addresses and these connections are established by Ethernet.  

The operating system on the receiving station selects exact protocol module by making use of Ethertype filed in each frame.  All generations of Ethernet are interconnected through bridging and use the same frame formats.  In Ethernet, computers and other devices linked through cables. Cables connected to the computer at one end and the other end connects to switches, hubs and repeaters. Basically, Ethernet works with the help of chain reactions. Different variants of Ethernet technology are available in current market.

Ethernet cable, Ethernet hub, crossover cable and router are the few types of equipment for Ethernet network. Ethernet requires a patch cable to connect the devices in the network. Patch cable is a standard RJ-45 twisted pair cable. Ethernet hub has many Ethernet ports and can connect device to the hub using Ethernet cable to form a network. Two devices can be connected using an Ethernet cable without a hub called Crossover cable. Router is mostly used on a home network, because it allows to share the internet connection among two or more computers.


Ethernet became a powerful LAN technology because of few specific characteristics.  Ethernet technology is easy to understand, implement and maintain. Network implementations take place at low-cost in this technology.  This technology provides huge flexibility for network installation and also guarantees successful interconnection. It is hard to imagine the current network technological world without the presence of Ethernet.  

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