Estate Agent and Property Management System Project Report

Introduction to Estate Agent and Property Management System Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of e-property.  Generally, when we want to buy/sell property some of us go to real estate professionals. These real estate professional collect all the details which we are interested in. These details are collected manually and may lead to some problems like misplacing etc. In order to avoid these problems, e-property has been developed. E-property is defined as property management system which can be used by real estate professionals to save time. By using this system we can collect all the details of client and property.

Brief into E-property

This system involves mainly three modules, they are master module, transaction modules and search and query module.  In Master module the details like property registration, floor plan, property images, client registration, and vendor registration are stored. Transaction modules is used to store details like matching the property requested by client and maintain history of property, client and vendor and to send email of matched one.

Search and Query module allows user to search from database stored. Only certain actions are given to the user who is accessing the system based on  user types for example user is given only read only operation he can’t modify anything. While supervisor is given only certain actions like updating, editing etc and supervisor is given all the rights to modify anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

We can have all the required details of client at one place. This system can save time. This system is user-friendly. It is secure. When there are any faults with the machine we can’t access it.

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