Project Title: Shopping Car Final Year Project in ASP

Description: This Project ER Diagram Explains about total application modules with tables, The below image provides more than 20 tables included namely table category module contains category ID, name, Description, Image and Active, table faq module contaiins faq ID, Questons, Answers, table offers module contains offers id, product id, description, active, offer start date, offer end date.Table Shopping Cart contains Session ID, Date, Quantity details, Price, and date added features, Table Attribute contains product ID, attribute ID, Table attributes module contains attribute name, attribute value, description.Table Product contains product ID, product Name, purchase price, sale price, brand ID, Category ID, Type ID, Quantity, Description, rating ID, Image. Barnd Name Table module contains brand name, brand ID, Logo details. City table module contains city name, state ID, City Type ID. Order Module Table contains Order ID, Customer ID, Order date, Order ammount, Doscount, Shipping ammount, tax ammount, net ammount, Shipping date, Shipping Address ID, Billing Address ID, Status ID.

ER Diagrams for Shopping Car Final Year Project in ASP

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