Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) .Net Abstract


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software tool used in an organization to collect, store, manage and interpret data.

There are many ERP available till now in the market for product planning, purchase, manufacturing or service delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management, shipping and payment, finance,etc… so here we have designed a ERP which is only meant for education.

In this ERP we have different users like administrator,faculty,HOD,Dean,Director ,Students .each user has different activities in the ERP. if the ERP is used by students the activities are fill student form, course registration, fee deposit etc. if the user is a faculty the activities are fill faculty form, check student details for his/her course, upload marks, apply leaves, etc.

If the user is HOD/Dean or Director then the user can check class status of any branch (at that time which class is going on and which faculty is taking the class), accept/reject leaves for faculty, publish notice etc.. The administrator is the king Of the ERP.

So the administrator can control over all the users. Some Extra features are also included in this project like students attendance; sending notifications via SMS.

We have designed this ERP using ASP.NET as front end (graphical user interface) and SQL SERVER as back end (Database).

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