Introduction to Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Project:

Ensuring data storage security in cloud computing project explains about a concept of implementing a new method to provide security for data in cloud computing by considering different issues like byzantine failure, malicious data modification attacks and attacks from cloud server. In present trend cloud computing is the fast growing technology where most of the IT companies are moving their application software and database to large cloud computing data centers. Cloud computing provides solutions for many problems but there are few key areas in term of security for providing quality of service for users. Cloud computing provides many new challenges for improving security of data from attacks. In this project we mainly concentrate on security issues and explain about using homomorphic token with distributed verification of erasure code data. Using homomorphic token improves security in terms of finding out misbehaving servers, security operations on data blocks including security for updating, deleting and modifying data.

This project is implemented in java platform , students can use use video file to know more about project execution.

For this project we provide entire project documentation, source code, system analysis, sample screen shots, hardware and software specifications, input and output design documents for free download. 

 Download Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Project Report and Source Code  from this link.