Energy efficiency multi object tracking in sensor networks MS Project


Wireless sensor networks are widely used these days and supports wide range of application and has open the doors to many technical advantages based on these wireless sensor networks. In general a wireless sensor network is composed of many sensor nodes which communicate with each other in the typical communication process and exchange the data and in this process, each node holds some default energy levels, by which they operate. In the process of the communication, wireless sensor nodes need some capabilities to detect the mobile nodes and capture the required information from them to complete a cycle of communication task and to accomplish this, perfect tracking of the objects is always required.

To provide the personalized services to the users, in the field of ubiquitous computing, where the location and tracking of moving objects like people, vehicles and laptops is really important as the required information should be provided to the users regarding these objects which all are operating at the wireless sensor network area. In general tracking the objects is an easy task across the wireless sensor networks, but includes lot of energy consumption and making this process an energy efficient one is really a tedious task.

As per the current trend, sensor nodes has a limited range of detecting the objects and even the networks so dense such that tracking the required objects really consume lot of energy across the wireless sensor networks. But this level of energy consumption is not suited to support a wide range of applications across the wireless sensor networks and always best energy efficient algorithms are required in this process.

There are different ranges of algorithms proposed in this context and most of them concentrate on improving the energy efficiency in different context and the main aim regarding reducing the power consumption with respect to object tracking is ignored in this case and thus it is clear that, there is no proper proposed solution with respect to reducing the power and energy consumption across the wireless sensor networks in detecting the objects across different ranges.

In general when a wireless sensor network is under its active operation mode, all of the sensor nodes are under the process of gathering the information from different other sensor and actor nodes and while doing this their normal level of energy consumption is expired and also when they request to track the objects across the sensor nodes, additional energy is requested from external sources and in this whole process, the actual and default sensor node operations are affected a lot and thus a better energy efficient process is always required to track the objects across the sensor networks.

Thus the main aim of this Energy efficiency multi object tracking in sensor networks MS Project is to evaluate the energy requirements for the sensor nodes across tracking the objects and how the energy can be optimized from different sources and save the power consumption of sensor nodes as well across the wireless sensor nodes. Following are the aims and objectives of this research along with few research questions identified

Aims and Objectives 

Aim: To investigate and critically evaluate the efficient energy consumption model to track the objects across the wireless sensor networks.

Following are the research objectives

  • To critically review the energy requirements for sensor nodes across the wireless sensor networks
  • To prepare literature review on different energy optimization techniques in existence to track the objects across the wireless sensor networks
  • To propose an energy efficient model to track the objects across the wireless sensor networks.
  • To develop a MATLAB simulation to develop the proposed algorithm
  • To test the results and evaluate the system performance


Following are the deliverables of the project

  • Literature review on different energy efficient methods for object tracking across wireless sensor networks
  • Energy efficient object tracking algorithm across the sensor nodes
  • MATLAB simulation code
  • Experiment results and evaluation of system performance

Research Questions 

Following are the research questions

  • What are the different energy consumption and power consumption issues across wireless sensor networks?
  • What is single and multiple object tracking and why do the energy consumption is more across this process?
  • How an efficient energy model can be developed for lower energy consumption across tracking the objects across the wireless sensor networks?

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