The topic of this research proposal is the importance of employees understanding the company’s strategies. The study is based on AMT COFFEE LTD. The main research question is how managers can explain and make use of company strategies to reach the roots of the organisation and how in doing so they improve employees job satisfaction and company performance.

The research will be conducted in AMT COFFEE LTD where the author has been employed for four years as a store manager. For the literature review the author has analysed more than 50 definitions which relates to the importance of strategy implementation, strategic alignment of the employees and the connections are made where possible with the definitions and different research paths are developed and incorporated. By analyzing books and articles related to importance of strategies, strategic alignment and communicating strategies to the employees a literature review has been prepared. In the literature review the quality has been maintained by using most clear definitions that are most relevant to the research.

Initially permission was denied when the author contacted the Area Manager of AMT COFFEE LTD. Later when the author met the Human Resource manager and explained that the conduct of the research will bring no interruption in daily routines of the employees, then permission was granted.

The research design used in this research is both exploratory and descriptive. The author has chosen a mixture of questionnaires and interviews to collect primary data. Interviews will be conducted with one Operational Manager, Area Managers, General Managers and Assistant Managers. A questionnaire will then be given to 40 front line employees. The author has explained in detail why this methodology has been chosen in the section Proposed Research Design and Proposed Research Methodology. The key outcomes of the research are to explain why employees need to know companies strategies, the best and the easiest way managers can explain strategies to the employees and how does it affect employee’s job performance and satisfaction. More outcomes expected are explained in conclusion.