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Embedded Systems Mini Projects

List of Embedded Systems mini projects:

Electronics third year students can download embedded systems mini projects from this site for free of cost. Mini projects listed here will be useful as refernce projects for third year students for using them in there mini project documentations.

submit Embedded Systems mini projects to us. 

Links to download Embedded Systems mini projects:

  1. Nuclear Radiation Detection and Tracking through Motes for Preventing from Nuclear Terrorism project
  2. SMS Based electrical billing System
  3. Automation Fan and Light Control For Industrial Appliances ECE Project
  4. Multiuser SMS Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board Project
  5. Automatic Ac Light Control Using Triac
  6. Electronic Voting Machine Project.
  7. Embedded Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller using 89C51 Microcontroller
download to find more related Embedded Systems mini projects.

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