Embedded C Programming Concepts

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of embedded C. As usage of devices are increasing are day to day, many of them need to programmed in embedded C to make them work efficiently. This is similar to C language. All the data types which we use in c language are present here. We use many of the Embedded devices in our daily life and the micro controller or processor used in them need to be programmed in embedded c.

Brief into design and working of embedded C:

The embedded c has C51 compiler. After the program is written it has to be checked such that it has no errors. To detect the errors we need to compile. For the 8051 microcontroller CX51 compiler is used. The C 51 compiler provides many directives which may be one or more words. The CX51 provides extended memory areas.

The memory models in this are classified as small, compact and large. To define the scope and lifetime storage classes are used. It has the reentrant capability because when one process is being executed it can be interrupted and again can be resumed. Compiler does prepossessing and the use of this is to add text into source file. By using macros short names are assigned to source code blocks.


Embedded C is more compatible than other programming languages. In this we can program such that direct connection is established to interrupts. In embedded devices the hardware address can also be accessed directly. The embedded systems have the capability of reentrancy.

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