Electronics Based Seminar Topics on Aluminum Honeycomb

Introduction to Aluminum Honeycomb:

     In this project we learn about aluminum honeycomb, its dimensions, advantages and its applications. First we have to know what aluminum honeycomb is. In this aluminum honeycomb both aluminum alloys and honey comb cores are used. Aluminum is a anti-reflection metal, which is widely used to engineering designing for almost everything to aircrafts. It is also used as gold because the development of aluminum by the engineers. It exhibits extremely standard strength with low density and light weight. Our engineers increasing the demand of aluminum to further weightless and strengthens in the applications of ship building, aircraft designing.

This is to achieve only by using “Alloys”, is nothing but developing a new materials by adding other materials, but both material properties are altered. That’s why aluminum alloys are used. Honeycombs are available in different types of materials. It has low strength and stiffness, So it is used in domestic internal doors in the form of papers and cards. It is also used in less weight things of aircrafts. It made to compound curves without excessive mechanical force/heating.

                  Aluminum honeycomb is one of the highest standard/weight ratios of all structural materials. It is lead to variety of geometric cell shape like hexagonal. It is low of cost so used in some applications like large marine structure, in salt-water corrosion problem occurs because of the potential. Another problem is it has no “mechanical memory”.  

Honeycomb has two plates are faceplate and base plate. Honeycomb is manufactured by using corrugated process because it is the most common for high density honeycombs. It has six types of cell configurations are hexagonal core, OX-core TM, Reinforced Hexagonal core, Flex-core (R), Double-flex TM and Tube-core (R).

Aluminum honeycomb material is CRIII. Aluminum honeycomb has 4-types of alloys , aerospace grades 5052 and 5056 alloys and commercial grades 3104 and 3003 alloys. Different honeycombs like aluminum, polyurethane, carbon, fiberglass, and amid fiber. Additional properties of honey comb are Acoustical, Air/Fluid Directionalization and pressure drop. It is also applicable for automobile.  

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